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To provide better care for children now and in the future, we strive to continue making scientific advancements in the practice of pediatrics. Frontier Pediatric Care is proud to participate as a research site for several large pediatric trials. 

These trials are open to our members and non-members.

COVID-19 Novavax Study
We are participating in a study on a COVID vaccine for infants and children! Novavax is a plant-based conventional vaccine platform.  It is not mRNA based. It has been used around the world in adults and adolescents. Children 6 months to 11 years can participate.

Help us learn more about a study vaccine for meningitis & serious bloodstream infections which can be life-threatening within hours of onset. Individuals 10–25 years old can participate by receiving a vaccine to protect against meningitis. If you are eligible and decide to participate, you will be compensated for your time and travel. 

If your full-term newborn is 7–65 days old and especially fussy, you might qualify to help in an infant formula research study. Study visits are free of charge, as is study formula. Compensation for your time is provided. 

We are excited to be taking part in important studies like these that explore the safety and efficacy of options and research that could impact so many! 



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